Mapping the educational landscape

Part of the NEP's mission to assess ethics in higher ed institutions across the country involves landscaping where and how ethics is taught. Below is an interactive map which includes every institution and associated ethics center classified by the NEP. Click and drag to move, scroll to zoom, toggle the buttons to filter what is displayed, and select icons to see more.

All institutions are based on manual coding completed asof September 2023. If your institution is present but your ethics center is missing, or if you believe

we got something wrong, please click the "Improve this map" button on the bottom right of the map.

the National Ethics Project

Society demands ethics education.

The world has changed in significant ways since the last comprehensive study of ethics education 40 years ago. It’s imperative that we keep pace with rapid technological, political, economic, and demographic shifts of the world today. Ethics provides the framework and tools to understand and enact responsible human stewardship for our world. Ethics is increasingly recognized by educators and employers as the pathway to individual and collective integrity, responsibility, and success in society and the workplace.

The NEP strives to offer educators in all environments — K-12, higher education, corporations, government, and anywhere that mindful people gather — effective and innovative ways for communicating and achieving ethical thought and action.